Green Zone

There are many ADNZ designers whose design philosophy stands on green principles. They are experts in designing green and will be able to guide you in the ways you can incorporate sustainable practices to fit any budget. But to get you started we have outlined just some of the ways you can go green with helpful links to set you on your way.


Notice how a brick or stone wall feels warm after a day in the sun? Thermal mass refers to solid materials like concrete, brick, stone, or ceramic tiles. These materials store the sun's energy and then gradually release it. By incorporating thermal mass into your home the result is a more even temperature throughout, and greater energy savings.

For more information visit: – Using Thermal Mass for Heating and Cooling

Energywise – Thermal Mass


Insulation is one of the key ways to keep your home warm and dry. When renovating an older home, insulation is one way to improve the efficiency of your home with minimal disruption. There may also be subsidies for insulation through your local regional council. There are many green insulation products and techniques on the market. Your designer will be able to guide you in product choice.

For more information visit: – Insulation – Insulation – Thermal Building Insulants – Free Insulation and Installation Support


Before you even start the design process you need to choose a suitable site. Many designers prefer to work with a client while they look and purchase their site to ensure it is optimal for energy performance. Orientation is the most cost effective way to design green and ensure your home is warm and sunny.

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Green Designers

There are several designers in New Zealand that specialize in delivering homes that follow sustainable and eco principals. To browse through members of ADNZ visit Find a Designer