About ADNZ

Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ) is a leading professional body for Architects and Architectural Designers. We are a community of design professionals who share a passion for design and connecting people with architecture. We offer support, guidance, training, promotion and networking events to our members who are located the length and breadth of the country. Most importantly we consider ourselves strong champions of New Zealand design and architecture.

Our members:

  • Are specialists in building design and construction
  • Undertake residential and commercial projects
  • Hold recognised professional qualifications or relevant experience
  • Undertake compulsory professional development
  • Have professional indemnity insurance
  • Meet ADNZ's high competency standards
  • Agree to ADNZ’s code of ethics


We operate under a strict Code of Ethics. This Code of Ethics has been adopted by the Architectural Designers New Zealand Incorporated and is published to provide guidance to members as related to the moral and ethical standards in the practice of their profession. For a copy of our Code of Ethics see the DOWNLOADS at right. Meet the Team


Our Code of Ethics is designed to provide guidance to our members with regard to expectations about ethical standards. All our members are expected to abide by these standards at all times. If you choose to use an ADNZ member then you have the comfort of knowing they commit to this code.


Since 1966, ADNZ has been working with architectural designers in New Zealand. We are very proud of our history and our place in New Zealand's rich architectural past. For the full timeline and for more information refer to the downloads list on the right.


All members of ADNZ are independently skills assessed and held accountable to ADNZ's high industry standards. This is a rigorous and thorough process and confirms that in selecting an ADNZ member to design your next build – you are choosing quality, competency and peace of mind. To retain membership, our members must meet and maintain a set number of Continued Professional Development (CPD) points, ensuring that they are up to date with the latest technology and techniques.

ADNZ, Architectural Designers New Zealand Incorporated, is a professional body of Architectural Designers and Architects that have had their skills rigorously assessed.